Escape Plan

Some nights you need an escape plan.

At least that’s the philosophy I’ve been living by…

When the going gets rough, but you can’t find yourself rough enough to get going (if that makes any sense at all), the “escape plan” comes into play. For me, it tends to come in the form of self-medication via alcohol and/or marijuana. I understand the potential misuse of both substances, without a doubt — but there are times when they can be employed responsibly without forming crutches or habits. I don’t find myself chemically dependent on anything, not even the medication I take, but I consider both my prescribed meds and my “personal meds” as absolutely vital during certain periods of my life. Perhaps one day I’ll get by without either. But that day isn’t today.

In fact, tonight, I am buzzed off my ass and feel that I have escaped, if only for a little while. I feel gooooood. And I am not ashamed of that. There is a lot of stigma and taboo associated with dealing with your moods via alcohol, THC, or what have you — but what can I say? It works. It’s Saturday night. And when you go through mental states that I find myself going through, I find myself somehow deserving of this temporary escape plan.

Here’s to you and yours tonight. I hope you’re feeling well. If you’re reading this, this next beer’s for you. And please, no negative comments. Lemme be.


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