I’m finally getting some relief. The meds are doing their work. I’m no longer in the pit of despair, and it’s wonderful to finally catch a breath of fresh air. Gah, that rhymes.

Anyways, I feel good. I’m starting to do things that interest me again — sketch, write, play video games, cook… I made some world class venison the other day, and it was fantastic. I’ve been more social and generally more agreeable, to the pleasure of my fiance. These are good things. I have to say that I’m pleased with my med cocktail… as long as I take them at night to build up those baselines, my days are much more “normal.”

Things are still off in ways. I’m still not taking care of myself physically and hygienically the way that I should, and I still have social quirks, like flaking out, or general irritation, that gets the best of me. Best case scenario, I’m evened out right now and enjoying a period without too many symptoms… I’m hoping it’s not leading into hypomania. I tend to be wary of that when I feel happy, lol.

I got a dog. Named him Jack. Mutual decision between the lady and I to help us with the Winter Blues.

I get my student loans next week and will be buying a 1 year gym membership to knock this weight off. I had lost 50 some pounds, and that made me feel fantastic, but a very terrible depression swept in around September and is only just now showing signs of letting up. My goal is to knock that weight back off and then some. Hell, my goal a few weeks ago was to have a goal, so, good times.

My parents were approved for their loan to buy a house, so they’ll be moving soon. On that note, I’ll be moving soon too… into their old place. Moving always makes me feel good. We moved a lot when I was a boy, and I always enjoyed setting up my bedroom. For some reason that carried over into adulthood, and when I become very stressed, or feel claustrophobic and like I need a change, I’ll rearrange the house as a form of personal therapy. And it works. The relief from a clean, rearranged house… awesome.

Will keep you posted.


2 Responses to “Reprieve”

  1. I think i just read a post about myself. LOL. U must b my bipolar twin. Could u do me a favor? Please explain to my husband, who absolutely despises me when i do the same thing, that rearranging furniture all the time does have a positive purpose and is free therapy. He should like that. FREE!!!

    • bipolarblake Says:

      Yes, free therapy! LOL. I’ll take all I can get.

      I’d try to explain it to your husband, but my fiance doesn’t get it, either. Really interesting to hear that someone else out there in Bipolar land has a furniture moving “thing”, too!

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