One of those days.

I find it hard to communicate with people today. I’ve reached that point of my depression where I can’t see a conversation as useful or necessary, I only see it as two people seeking validation in one another for some trivial and nonsensical matter. People ask me what’s wrong. I don’t know if they care, really. It validates them to reach out, to feel like they’ve tried something. Let me know if you need anything. Well, fine. But my problems don’t begin or end with you.

I feel like everything is such a game. We are all players on a stage. I don’t feel like fucking playing right now. Why can’t you understand? I just want to be. I need that right now, and that’s all I need, until I decide in my time that it’s time to play again.


3 Responses to “One of those days.”

  1. I hear you on just wanting to “be”. Most people don’t understand that and think you should always be doing something to feel better, like working harder or eating better or just willing yourself to be happy. Obviously it down’t work that way. Hang in there and take some time for yourself. I know that alone time can sometimes be dangerous but most of the time it is refreshing. I belive in you

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